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search team training ExecuQuest Corp. specializes in doing one thing very well: facilitating in-house corporate recruiting teams and search consultants to be the best they can be. The EQC Research Team supports talent acquisition teams and search firms, large and small, globally, by combining targeted telephone research with secondary research to deliver real-time intelligence and best-in-class candidates from the your most desirable competitors.

As we evolve to a technology-driven society, we espouse technology enhancing recruiting, not driving recruiting, to empower recruiters to connect with people. We develop our information as efficiently as possible each and every time, for each and every client, in each and every phone call, as we simultaneously evaluate and incorporate smart search string findings. We are well-versed in advanced online search and scraping techniques, while calling into companies directly. Our on-target results and reverse-research statistics are based on efficient search strategy and time management.


  • What critical openings would benefit from our direct sourcing efforts?
  • What positions have been open the longest/seem most challenging to fill?
  • What hiring manager would you most like to impress?
The war for talent has changed in that there is certainly more available talent, but there remains a greater need for the most qualified talent. Many position openings, said to be "challenging" or "difficult", are neither. It's just that the qualified talent has not been identified, called and compelled to consider the opportunity.

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Contact us today at conni@eqcadvisors.com or 410-667-8400 for on-target results tomorrow.


We specialize in original telephone research

We extend our client's integrity into the marketplace

Our techniques are ethical and straight forward