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NOTICE: We are upgrading our site over the next few days. Please contact Conni LaDouceur via the link below to answer questions re: name identification, candidate development, training and speaking. Thank you.

ExecuQuest Corp. excels in delivering outstanding, value-based recruiting solutions, truly passive candidates for immediate and pipeline hiring. The underutilized, free resource that we specialize in, telephone sourcing, is efficient at all levels, all functions, all industries, in the US and abroad and delivers a far greater return than internet alone. As hourly research providers, we develop our information as efficiently as possible each and every time, for each and every client, in each and every phone call, as we simultaneously evaluate and incorporate smart search string findings. We are well-versed in advanced online search and scraping techniques, while calling into companies directly. Our on-target results are based on efficient search strategy and time management. Many of the individuals we identify are UN-findable online and therefore, receiving no recruiting calls…the definition of passive talent. We are relied upon for our primary research and competitive intelligence development, training and one-on-one coaching and take great pride in our work. Contact us to learn more about how we can help to improve your reputations as Deliverers of Results!

If you recruit for individuals whose profiles and resumes are not online, the ExecuQuest Corp. process can produce astounding results for you. Depending on the talent pool you seek, as many as 72% of qualified candidates either don't have LI profiles, have profiles that cannot be found by search terms or cannot be discovered via smart search strings. The phone continues to deliver on-target original research to supplement internet and database candidates, regardless of function, industry or level. Impossible search*? We excel in identifying the most qualified talent, not just the most available, talent.

We consistently deliver UN-identifiable talent via efficient cold-calling, finding the heads-down, doing-their-jobs, gainfully employed, truly passive qualified talent you seek. As we evolve to a technology-driven society, we espouse technology enhancing recruiting, not driving recruiting, to empower recruiters to connect with people. We are metrics-driven, proactive research associates - our long-standing clients could not possibly mistake us for data-miners. Just as the hiring managers are the SMEs, we are relied upon for our successful sourcing strategies and techniques as we improve our, and your, reputations as Deliverers of Results.

*Impossible search? Challenge us!

Conni LaDouceur, Chief Sourcing Strategist and Trainer, ExecuQuest Corp., conni@eqcadvisors.com, 410-667-8400