Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence with Original Telephone Research

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Gaining competitive intelligence is crucial for your business, no matter what industry or field you're in, and the best way to ethically obtain reliable market data is via original telephone research.

ExecuQuest Corp. has developed a variety of innovative and industry-leading strategies based on the tried and true methodologies.  We identify the on-target talent you seek with current, up-to-date information on your competitors, including their organization charts, who holds what positions, and is responsible for which activities, to whom they report, number of people managed directory and in total, with direct dial telephone numbers, email addresses, and more.

EQC will help  your organization learn the proven methods for successful competitive intelligence through original telephone research, increasing your reputation as a "Deliverer of Results".  You will identify current on-target candidates, and potential talent for the future, while gaining an edge with insight on your competitors and your market.

Competitive intelligence like this is invaluable and it's impossible to obtain via internet searching alone.  

Call ExecuQuest Corp. at 410-667-8400 today to get started, and we'll help you succeed and improve your results with competitive intelligence and original telephone research.