Recruitment Training & Sourcing

Recruitment & Sourcing: Training Techniques That Work

recruitment training and sourcing training that works
ExecuQuest Corp. is a proven industry leader when it comes to training recruiters in telephone recruiting and research. We will provide your organization with greatly improved results and overall effectiveness and efficiency in recruitment, sourcing and research.
The truth is that recruitment training and improving a company’s sourcing techniques accomplishes many different things at once. Of course, it delivers improved recruitment results, including the quality of candidates brought in, and the cost, speed and efficiency of that entire process. That's not all, though.

When you hire superior talent into your organization, the business will also see improved results across the board, with increased productivity and an improved bottom line, as that talent produces for the business. Therefore, success in one area delivers success in others as well. 

It all begins with the right research and sourcing strategies, and that's where our telephone recruitment and research training can come into play for your business. Between 34 and 82 percent of candidates are UN-identifiable via the web alone, and with telephone training, you'll find the best candidates, along with passive talent, while also gaining competitive intelligence.

When is the Right Time for Human Resources to Plan?

The right time for human resources to begin planning is as quickly as possible, and right from the outset.  (Not sure about these…)

Waiting until you are in dire need puts you in the wrong position. You'll need to rely upon hastily arranged, speedily conducted searching and other strategies, and you'll likely end up with simply the most available candidates, as opposed to the most highly qualified.

Therefore, it's best to plan out your human resources needs and timeline for both the immediate future, and for potential events which may be far off the in the distance. When you utilize the sourcing training from ExecuQuest Corp. you'll gain access to a pipeline of top candidates who you can turn to in the future when you have additional openings and new positions.

Call ExecuQuest Corp. at +1-410-667-8400 today to learn more about our highly successful, proven methods for telephone research training. With our innovative recruitment training, you'll experience a chain reaction of improved results, and you'll become known as the Deliverer of Results for your organization.